Monday, July 14, 2008

Church Fair, $80 and 2 dead fish

This fish didn't make it! We took Jake and cousins Nick and Jack to the local fair for a night of fun. I thought it would be a nice fun family evening. Little did I know we would come home with Jake's first pet..... a lovely fair fish named "carshow carshow".....hmmmm taking him to too many carshows daddy?

Anyway after spending $10 to officially wing 2 fish but having 3 boys with us Brian "bought" one more. $15 worth of fair fish! 2 of Said fish didn't last 24 hours. Jack and Nick had a sleep over which the boys loved. They were perfect houseguests! Jack got up first and promptly said to me "I have 3 things to tell you aunt susie....First my fish is alive! The cat pooped in the hall and that bathroom is a mess"! How precious is that!

I wasn't quite sure how Jake and Nick were going to react to their dead fish but I opted to leave them be until Brian got up to deal with it! Luckily there were no lasting effect to the death of jakes first pet. We ended up going straight to the pet store after our breakfast of plate sized pancakes at Annamarie's in Royersford - see picture! We spent $1 replacing those darn fish and so far it has been 3 days and Jake's new pet fish "rock rock stare" is still alive. We really don't know where he is getting these names from!


scrappermimi said...

That is what you get for being Aunt of the year...your out $80 and a bunch of dead fish!

Ours are still alive so maybe you got your moneys worth.

Scrappy Girl said...

Love this fair story...I always run from the live fair prizes. LOL! Bright could have been iguanas. I have seen them give those away! Yikes! I found ya while blog hopping. Cute blog.